About us

ikingmast is a Flagpole and mast production company, established during December 2013.

In 1968 my father Kurt Franzen innovated and produced the first glass fibre flagpole in Sweden of his own invention.

I have been involved in this trade ever since, as a business founder, as an owner and as an employee of other companies within the trade.

We know at Vikingmast that quality, availability together with reliable lead-times are elements that you cannot compromise on.

Vikingmast produces glassfibre poles and masts utilising proven technology used by manufactures around the world.

Our production techniques and our suppliers raw materials have been developed and improved over the years to improve efficiency and meet todays exacting environmental considerations.
Our own knowledge is based on almost 50 years experience producing and selling poles and masts.

Vikingmast is also located in Sweden and Estonia.

As a complete supplier we also offer National flags and printed textiles.

Vikingmast have a close co-operation with mast and poles producer and we now offer lamp poles with EE proven certificates.

If you want to learn more in the meantime, please don't hesitate to call me on +46 708 300497.

Åke Franzén
Managing Director
Vikingmast AB

Telephone: +46 708 300497
Email: ake.franzen@vikingmast.com